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Identity Theft: Smishing
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Installed a spam filter on your computer and feeling safe? Why not demand a similar service from your cell phone provider?

Smishing, the latest trend in identity theft, targets those who do mobile banking via text messaging. By taking advantage of the lack of spam filters on cell phones, the scammers send text messages to consumers alerting them that their "bank account is locked" and request that a given phone number be called to "provide the necessary financial information" to unlock it.

Many phone owners fall prey to this scam every day and the scammers have increased their network to include non-mobile bankers as well by sending messages to random phone numbers. Never respond to these types of messages no matter how legitimate they appear. Your credit union will not use such a method to ask for personal information.

And perhaps, in response to this new crisis, we'll soon see providers offer plans to protect our cell phones!


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